Our lives are crowded with noise, screaming color, instant communication. In my photography I seek something else.

I favor the ordinary over the spectacular, subjects that whisper rather than shout.

Most often it is details in the landscape that command my attention, impressing me with a lyrical sense of rhythm, balance, order, harmony, and -- if I am really lucky -- a dash of magic or mystery or make-believe. Reducing the world to black, white and shades of gray is essential for me in reaching for a personal interpretation of what I see and feel.

It is like a treasure hunt and nature is always in control.

I prefer to work in the soft, filtered light of overcast days and early evenings. The quality of light, timing, camera position, composition and editing are all tools of the trade. The computer and ink jet printer have replaced the darkroom in the making of the print, where it all comes together -- sometimes.